CTF Writeup

March 15, 2019

Who Is Behind It All?

📍 Piano lock for the door right to Alabaster Snowball


I’m seriously impressed by your security skills. How could I forget that I used Rachmaninoff as my musical password?

Congratulations, you’ve stopped Hans! Now solve all remaining objectives in your badge.

YAY! You won!


Rachmaninoff > Really, it’s Mozart. And it should be in the key of D, not E.


01- Take a look at the document sent from Holly Evergreen to Alabaster Snowball in challenge 8-Network Traffic Forensics


02- After you read it , you will find how to do the chord transposition from E to D in the musical password we just got .


Method 1 : Manually do the chord transposition ,

From E > D is back one step then take everything back one step for D :


So the door password will be :


You can use this chart will help you from this website :


Method 2: Use online tool to auto the transpose from E to D :

Online chord transpose tool :

Online chord transpose tool :


03-Goto Piano Lock > Enter the password

D C# D C# D D C# D E F# E F# G A G# A G# A


You DID IT! You completed the hardest challenge.

You see, Hans and the soldiers work for ME. I had to test you. And you passed the test!

You WON! Won what, you ask?

Well, the jackpot, my dear! The grand and glorious jackpot!

You see, I finally found you!

I came up with the idea of KringleCon to find someone like you who could help me defend the North Pole against even the craftiest attackers.

That’s why we had so many different challenges this year.

We needed to find someone with skills all across the spectrum.

I asked my friend Hans to play the role of the bad guy to see if you could solve all those challenges and thwart the plot we devised.

And you did!

Oh, and those brutish toy soldiers? They are really just some of my elves in disguise.

See what happens when they take off those hats?

Based on your victory… next year, I’m going to ask for your help in defending my whole operation from evil bad guys.

And welcome to my vault room. Where’s my treasure? Well, my treasure is Christmas joy and good will.

You did such a GREAT job! And remember what happened to the people who suddenly got everything they ever wanted?

They lived happily ever after.

📟 Go to your Badge > Objectives > Enter Santa