CTF Writeup

March 14, 2019

Orientation Challenge

📍 The KringleCon Holiday Hack History kiosk at right top corner of the main hole .


Answer all Questions Correctly to get the secret phrase :

Question 1
In 2015, the Dosis siblings asked for help understanding what piece of their “Gnome in Your Home” toy?

Question 2
In 2015, the Dosis siblings disassembled the conspiracy dreamt up by which corporation?

Question 3
In 2016, participants were sent off on a problem-solving quest based on what artifact that Santa left?

Question 4
In 2016, Linux terminals at the North Pole could be accessed with what kind of computer?

Question 5
In 2017, the North Pole was being bombarded by giant objects. What were they?

Question 6
In 2017, Sam the snowman needed help reassembling pages torn from what?


  1. Watch to Ed Skoudis’ talk with challenge terminal open to see the questions :
    or go to 2nd floor to room with title Track 2 to watch this talk .
    or click on your badge > talks > select the talk .

  2. Most of questions are in Ed Skoudis’ talk , Only question no.4 you will need to get the answer from past 2016 challenge page:

  3. Answers :
    1. Firmware
    2. ATNAS
    3. Business card
    4. Cronberry Pi
    5. Snowballs
    6. The great book

📟 Go to your Badge > Objectives > Enter “Happy Trails” > Submit