CTF Writeup

March 14, 2019

The Essential Editor Skills Cranberry Pi terminal challenge

📍 Bushy Evergreen at right bottom corner of the main hole .

Hi, I’m Bushy Evergreen. I’m glad you’re here, I’m the target of a terrible trick.

Pepper says his editor is the best, but I don’t understand why. He’s forcing me to learn vi. He gave me a link, I’m supposed to learn the basics.

Can you assist me with one of the simple cases?


Vi Editor Basics | Indiana University Vi Tutorials


Write the following command in the terminal :q! then press Enter .


Wow, it seems so easy now that you’ve shown me how!
To thank you, I’d like to share some other tips with you.
Have you taken a look at the Orientation Challenge ?
This challenge is limited to past SANS Holiday Hack Challenges from 2015, 2016, and 2017. You DO NOT need to play those challenges.

If you listen closely to Ed Skoudis’ talk at the con, you might even pick up all the answers you need...
It may take a little poking around, but with your skills, I’m sure it’ll be a winter- green breeze!